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World's Most Famous Graphic Designers of 2020

World’s Most Famous Graphic Designers

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Want To Know about the World’s Most Famous Graphic Designers ?

Then you come to the Right place. Today, We Discuss about the famous Graphic Designer in 2020.

The Designers who makes the Great Designs and Inspire the Millions of Peoples from Great Designs.

Graphic Design Is Most Popular Field In Which you Create Designs and Inspire Peoples.

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Let’s Come to the Point Here is the List of Famous Graphic Designers in 2020 Who Inspire people from creating designs and become Most popular.

World’s Most Famous Graphic Designers of 2020:

Otl Aicher

Chip Kidd

Rob Janoff

Michael Bierut

Neville Brody

Carolyn Davidson

David Carson

Alan Fletcher

Lindon Leader

Saul Bass


Otl Aicher:

Otl Aicher World's Most Famous Graphic Designers
Otl Aicher

Otl Aicher is one of the World’s Most Famous Graphic Designers and Typographer. He Was the Co-founder of Ulm School of Design. His Most Popular Designed was that he designed for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.

Quick Introduction:

He is a Germen Graphic Designer, Born in  Ulm state of Baden-Württemberg, but Nationality wise he is German.

He studied in  Academy of Fine Arts Munich.

Specialties of Otl Aicher was: Identity, typography

Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd World's Most Famous Graphic Designers
Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd is the American Graphic designer, also known as author and Editor. He is most popular in book cover designs.

He Wrote Some books for DC Comics and also design their book covers.

He was Born on 12 September 1964, in Pennsylvania.

In 1986 He was hire as junior assistance in Publishing House. Kidd has self-deprecating attitude never accepted credit for his work.

Rob Janoff:

Rob Janoff World's Most Famous Graphic Designers

Rob Janoff is an American Graphic Designer. He is the Logo specialist. He is an International Logo Designer.

He known as by the creating logo of Logo Now days which is used by the Most Popular Company Apple.

He was born in Culver City, California, United States.

He get his Education From Culver City, California, United States.

Michael Bierut:

 Michael Bierut World's Most Famous Graphic Designers

Michael Bierut is of the best American Graphic Designer. He was the Vice President of Graphic design in Vignelli Associates.

In Yale School of Art he was the senior Critic. He is known as design critic and educator.

He was born in 1975 at Cleveland Ohio.

He studied in University of Cincinnati’s College of Design.

He  became a partner with the New York office of Pentagram in 1990.

Neville Brody

Neville Brody World's Most Famous Graphic Designers

Neville Brody is the one of the Popular English Graphic designer in 2th Centaury. He is known as art direction and typography designer.

He also known as  contribution to The Face and Arena magazines.

He Born in Southgate, London, United Kingdom.

He Studied In Hornsey College of Art.

These are not only Graphics Designers who’s made a great design but there are millions of Designer which Inspire you with their designs. There are some Names which is the famous Graphics Designers.

Carolyn Davidson:

Carolyn Davidson World's Most Famous Graphic Designers

Carolyn Davidson is An American Graphic Designer Born in 1943.

She Start As a Journalism but after some time she moves to designing and get a Bachelor Degree of Graphic Design in 1971 from Portland State University.

In 1971 She Designed The Nike Logo for Nike Company, She Get just 35$ For That logo.

She is Most Popular in Designing Posters, ads, and flyers.

David Carson

David Carson World's Most Famous Graphic Designers

David Carson is a American Graphic Designer and Art Director.

He Born on September 8, 1955 in Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S. He Studied from The University of Arizona, San Diego State University.

He is most Popular in innovative magazine design, and use of experimental typography. He works for 4 year as Part time, magazine Transworld Skateboarding.

Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher World's Most Famous Graphic Designers

Alan Fletcher Is a British Graphic Designer, Born in Nairobi, Kenya on 27 September 1931. He Blogs to British Family That’s why he
known as British Graphic designer.

He was the Founder of Britwash design group Pentagram, but in 1992 her left the Britwash design group Pentagram and decided to work as Freelancer Graphic Designer.

Alan Fletcher Also Tech as guest Lecturer in Yale University.


So this is the List of Top 8 World’s Most Famous Graphic Designers who Inspire people from their best designs and built there popularity in Past.

Really These Graphic Designers was very Great Designers make many brand companies Logo’s. Subscribe our Email for more Post notifications about Graphic Designers.

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