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What is amazon history of amazon

What is Amazon: Earning of Amazon in 2020

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Nowadays Amazon is the most popular and trusted site in the world. Today I am talking about What is amazon, amazon’s site history, and the manufacturing of the site, who develop this site, and why this is the most popular site in the world.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is the most popular e.commerce site in the world. They sold electronics, artificial, games eBooks sports Products and any type of products you want.

Amazon history and earning
What is Amazon? MicroGFX

The benefits of amazon: This system is online you don’t need to go to Bazar to buy things. You just open the web site amazon.com and search your product select it and ordered they deviled you in 2 working days.

You can buy anything from amazon. Most people order from amazon because they are honest. This is an international site but in many countries, they didn’t send their products.

You should also earn money from amazon affiliate program you should sell their products on your site or page and they will give you a commission as they decided on that product.

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History of Amazon:

Jeffrey P. Bezos Started a Company in 1994 (Cadabra). But In 1995 he named Amazon because Amazon is the world’s biggest river, in South America. In the Beginning Amazon Sold Books only.

The Logo of Amazon was created by Turner Duckworth. But on 19 June 2000, they update the logo of amazon they added a curved arrow from “Á” to “Z” which means you buy everything from here A to Z. Jeffrey P. Bezos Invest $300,000 for starting a business or book store. In Starting, Amazon delivered its products in 50 States 45 countries.

Douglas Hofstadter’s Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies is the First book that was sold on amazon.
Nowadays, Amazon was a brand that sold everything in many countries of the world.

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Earning of Amazon:

When Jeffrey P. Bezos Started his Company he Invested $300,000 and start a book selling on Amazon. But nowadays as you know they provide everything on his E-Commerce store So earning of amazon is $6.54 billion Monthly, $1.5 billion in a week, and $215 million per day.

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