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Type of graphic design

Types of Graphic Design Full Guide

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What is Graphic design, Top 9 Types of Graphic Design?

Today, We Discuss the Graphic design, in this article, you know about, What is Graphic design? What is graphic design used for, and the Most Important top 9 Types of Graphic design which is very important to know before becoming a professional designer? Let’s Start..!

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is used for problem-solving and visual communication by typography, art, and graphics. The graphic designer made graphics by combining the text images and symbols, to represent the message in the form of graphics.

Nowadays, this art is very popular. The designer uses Graphic design software for designing, Top software’s which is mostly used by designer’s are Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator. (Download Graphic design software).

Types of Graphic design
Online Graphic design jobs for beginners by microgfx.com

There are many types of Graphic design but today we discuss only the top 9 Types of Graphic design which is very important.

Types of Graphic design:

  1. Publication graphic design
  2. Packaging graphic design.
  3. Motion graphic design.
  4. Environmental graphic design.
  5. Visual identity graphic design.
  6. Marketing & advertising graphic design.
  7. User interface graphic design.
  8. Web Design
  9. Art Design
Types of Graphic design by microgfx
Types of Graphic design

Visual identity:

Visual Identity Designs represent the brand and branding, A visual identity is that the quality of stigmatization that companies produce so as to evoke the bound feelings and experiences with the complete. It includes something visual that your complete produces like brand style, fonts, photos, and the other visuals that you simply use to speak your complete.

Example of Visual Identity:
Types of Graphic Design Full Guide
Example of Visual Identity designing. Unique Brand

Marketing & advertising:

In Marketing and Advertising Design, the Designer Used their Skill for advertising your product or brand. They make posters, Boucher, logos, and more design for marketing and advertising your business and bran.

Examples of Marketing and Advertising Designing:
Types of Graphic Design Full Guide
This Picture presents the marketing graphics

User interface:

User Interface design, also known as UI Designs, In this type of Graphic design The designer focus to design user-friendly. In simple words, This type of design refers to a graphical user interface. The designer always designs like that in which the user easy to find and pleasurable.

Example of User Interface Designing:
App Designer is the Examples of User Interface designers. Types of graphic designers
App Designer is the Examples of User Interface designers.


In this Type of Designing, The Designer focused on Publication areas, Like they design newspapers, magazines, books, and e.t.c.

Example of Publication designers:
Types of Graphic Design Full Guide
Designing of Book Covers and stationery is the example of Publication designers.

Packaging graphic design:

Design a packing any product or thing is known as packaging designing. In this type of designing the designer makes a packing design that attracts the users this very important to sell your product, and it plays a very important role in product marketing.

Example of Packaging designers:
Types of graphic design, Packaging designing
Designing of product packing is known as packing designing
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Motion graphic design:

Motion graphic design is a type of graphic design in this type the designer creates a design by using animation and filmic techniques. Mostly this type of designer work on animations. An example of this design is .GIF

Example of Motion Graphics:
types of graphic design, Motion graphic by microgfx
Animated pics or GIF is known as Motion Graphics

Environmental graphic design:

In this Type of Designing, the Designers do the method of addressing close environmental parameters once making plans, programs, policies, buildings, or merchandise. … These fields embody the design, geography, urban designing, architecture, and interior style.

Example of Environmental Design:
Types of graphic design, environmental designing by microgfx
Designing on the wall or in public places is known as environmental designing

Web Design:

Web Design is the process of Web Development, In this type of Graphic design, the designers make a design for the web in Photoshop or any software’s, and used for their web.

Example of Web Design:
Types of graphic designers,
Web Designing In Photoshop

Art Design:

The principles of style describe the ways in which artists use the weather of art in an exceedingly work of art. Balance is that the distribution of the visual weight of objects, colors, texture, and space. … Such movement is often directed on lines, edges, shapes, and colors among the work of art.

Examples of Art Design:
Types of graphic design, art desiging
Designing by hand on paper is the example of the art design

I hope that this article is helpful for you. If you have any confusion then leave a comment below.

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