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Top resume design mistakes to avoid in 2021 and get a job

Top resume design mistakes to avoid in 2021 and get a job

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Let you be a perfect candidate: the right education, work experience, and a number of foreign languages. But if you use beautifulprincess@gmail email address for sending your resume and make mistakes in the name of the company you are writing to, then your career in this company is over, you will not even be invited for a job interview. Here is a list of mistakes, after making which the resume is instantly sent to the trash can.

Mistakes in resume design to disfigure your career

There is always an option to get a professional cv and resume design by a professional writer working for a writing company online. Such services include the service of writing infographics and review design. Writers are the best because they have been providing such kinds of service for a while, which makes them experienced professionals. Needless to say that far from everyone is good at design or infographics, some do not even know what it means. However, a writer does and to review your order online is as simple as ABC for him.

Now, let us have a closer look at those mistakes to avoid if you really need to get a job.


At first glance, it may seem that the “smiley” will revive the dry text of the resume, but in fact it will ruin it. This cute symbol is not only an expression of emotions, but also a graphic interpretation of familiarity. Inappropriate and rude friendliness shown towards unfamiliar people or older people in age and rank is unacceptable.

Skills not relevant to the job

“The ability to cope well with household chores”, “great taste in clothes” or love of wrestling may have helped you out more than once in difficult times, so you always want to talk about them. But, unfortunately, the employer is so arranged that he is only interested in the skills that you can apply at work. In addition, an enthusiastic paragraph on clothing, after a dull listing of jobs, shows the employer where life is truly interesting for you.

 resume design mistakes

Grammatical errors

The candidate indicated that he is absolutely literate and attentive to detail. At the same time, in his resume, he made a mistake in the name of the company where he sent the document. Remember, there are no little things when hiring. Mistakes indicate negligence, carelessness and little interest in the case. Such a resume is in the trash.


HR history knows of cases when a candidate claimed to speak the Antarctic language. It is important for the applicant to remember that any lie will emerge sooner or later. In addition, the professional world is not as big as it seems. It is always easy to inquire about you and about foreign languages.

No cover letter

Like any person, an employer wants to feel the one and only. You can give him a sense of uniqueness by writing a cover letter. In it, you need to define your goals, as well as show that you want to work in this particular position and only in this company. A well-written cover letter is a guarantee that the resume will at least be read.

Sometimes a cover letter is the only document that an employer will want to look through, tired of template resumes of the same type.


It is important that the resume has a clear and precise structure, built according to generally accepted rules, because a recruiter can spend less than 30 seconds studying your resume, and during this time he needs to understand whether you should be marked as a potentially interesting candidate or not.

It is better to build a chronology starting from the last place of work, so that it is higher than the rest.

It is better to indicate the desired position immediately after the first name and last name, in the same place, at the beginning, and the desired salary, your contacts and place of residence.

Not a word about the present

In most cases, a resume is a chewing on the past and not a word about the present and the future: he worked there, sat in the office from “such and such” time to “such and such”. But for the employer, it is not so important where you come from. It is more important to him where you are moving and who you want to become.

Too much personal information

A detailed description of your personal characteristics is a sign that you have nothing to say about your professional field. If you have not achieved success in previous jobs, it is possible that your deep and vibrant inner world is not being able to open up in this field of activity. Maybe it is time to find another profession that meets the needs of your soul?

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