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Learn Use of Crop Tool - Graphics Design Tutorials Class 03 in Urdu

Learn Use of Crop Tool – Graphics Design Tutorials Class 03 in Urdu

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Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Learn Use of Crop Tool  – Graphics Design Class 03 in Urdu

This is Class no 03 Of Graphics design in Adobe Photoshop. In this, we can learn about the Crop tools Section. I can teach you about the basic use of crop tool this is quite easy to do. what we do with the help of crop tool watch the full video tutorial and learn designing here for free.    

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Photoshop Urdu&Hindi 
Graphics Design
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Graphic Design Tutorials in urdu&Hindi Class 3

Use of Crop Tool:

In Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 there is any update. but as you know crop tool is a very basic tool. We can crop any image and photos or anything with the help of the crop tools. I can tell full use of the Crop tool in This Video If you Want to Learn to Watch this video fully and like share and comment.    

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Meta Disruption:

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics software. here I provide free photoshop tutorials free. This is the online class Number 02 of adobe photoshop cc. In this class I gonna tell you about the basic use of crop tools in photoshop cc 2018. this is the graphics designing class3.  this is a very interesting class. So Learn more, adobe photoshop tutorials online, Urdu tutorials of photoshop, subscribe to this channel. and like the video.      

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