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How To Write Seo Friendly Post

How To Write Seo Friendly Post for your WebSite in 2020

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How TO Write SEO Friendly Post To Rank Your Site:

Today we discuss How to Write SEO (Search Engine Optimization), friendly Post in 2020 For Beginners. Today We Share a Full Guide of SEO Friendly Post Trick step by step with you. If You don’t know how to write SEO friendly Post then read This Carefully.

But Before this, IF you are a Beginner and don’t know about SEO Then this Very Important For you to know about SEO. Must Read this Article: What is SEO Full Guide 2020

On-Page SEO Strategy for Beginners in 2020:

How To Write Seo Friendly Post
On-page SEO strategy

1. Make Your Title Tag SEO Friendly:

Title Tag“, “H1“, “Main Heading” All are the same these are shown in Search Engine.

By Using Best Title Tag your CTR (Click Through Rate) Should be Improved.
Many Experts Notice 20% of People Click on your Content By Seeing Your Heading. For This, You Should write High-Quality Title Tag Content.

Here I will share with you some Title Tag SEO Friendly Tips:

  1. Use Long-Tail Keywords on your Title Tag.
  2. Don’t Repeat Your Keyword again in your Title.
  3. Use Numbers, Brackets, Powers words, Questions Keywords in Your Title.
  4. Try to start your Title with Your Focus Keyword.
 Pro Tip: Your Post Title Must be Between 70 Characters.  

2. Use Sub Headings (H2, H3, H4….):

Always write your Post User-Friendly, Use Headings on Your Post. See My Article I have used too many sub Headings.
Subheading Starts From h2 to soo on There no H1 heading because H1 is Your Title. don’t Use H1 Tag again in your Post.

Pro Tip: There is no limit to use H2 h3 tags in your article. But don't Use h1.

3. Meta Description Optimization:

Descriptions play a very important role in Search Engine Ranking.

Your Post CTR will Increase when Your Description is SEO Friendly. For Search, Engines Description is very important.

How To make your Description SEO Friendly:

  1. Use Your Focus Keyword in Your Description.
  2. Use 2 or 3 keywords that relate to your Focus Keyword.

Don’t Ignore Your Descriptions. If You forget to Write your Description they Collect your first Paragraph of Post and show it in Search Engines.

Pro Tips: Always Write your description between 156
Charcters. And Write a new descrition for a new post.
Don't Use same. 

4. Write Post URL SEO Friendly:

Always make URL Focus Keyword.
Don’t use Bad Url. Here is the Example of a Good URL and Bad URL.

Good URL: www.yoursitenam.com/focuskeyword
Bad URL: www.yoursitenam.com/5u?4l|

URL Examples

Always make a short URL. My all Post URL with Focus Keywords. The short URL is Search Engine and Social Media Friendly.

Pro Tip: Don't use TO many Words in Focus Keyword. 
Just use 2 or 3 WOrds.

5. Write Short Paragraph:

When you are writing Your Content Keep in Mind make Short Paragraph. User Ignores the Long Paragraph.
when you write a long Paragraph there was a problem with Mobile usability.

Pro tip: After 3,4 Line use Line break Tag.

6. Use Categories and tags in WordPress:

In WordPress, this is very Important “Noindex” Your Tags and categories in Search Engine.
I am doing it, go to Your SEO Plugin setting and off these Options. “Noindex Tags and Categories“.
If you want to Add Some tags then Follow These Steps.

  1. Only use 5 – 10 Tags in your Post.
  2. Only Use your Main keywords in your Post.
  3. Don’t add Long Tail-keywords in your post.
Pro Tip: If you Index your Tags and category there
was Dublicate content Error appears on your blog. 

7. Add some Internal Links:

Internal Linking is a very Good Option for Making your Post SEO Friendly.

Adding Internal links on the Post bounce rate of your blog was Increased.

WordPress Allows the Internal linking Options.

Some Important Things About Internal linking:

  1. In 1000 Words Article use just 5-10 Internal Links.
  2. Always add relevant Internal links don’t Use that link which doesn’t relate to your post.
  3. Select Keywords for adding an Internal link.
Pro Tips: Maximum Use 5-10 Internal Links in Your Post.

8. Add External Links (Add Outgoing Links):

Adding External Links in Your Article is the best way to Rank your Post in Search Engine.

When you writing your Post Always add an External link to your Post. External links always related to your post.

How to Add External links:

Suppose Your Topics in Graphic designing then Search this Keyword on Google and copy that blog URL which is related to your post, and add it to your blog post. This is the main part of how to write SEO friendly post.

Pro Tip: In Article use 5 External links. 


These are the tips that you keep in mind for On-Page SEO or to make your Post SEO Friendly.

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