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How To Make Money From Graphic Design in 2020

How To Make Money From Graphic Design in 2020

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If You Are A Graphic Designer And Want To Know How To Make Money From Graphic Design?

Then You Are In Right Place, Today we Discuss How to make money from Graphic Design in 2020.

We Share Top ways which Professional Graphic designers follow to earn Money From Graphic Design.

How To Make Money From Graphic Design in 2020

Topic Which I Cover In This Article:

How To Become a Graphic Designer in 2020:

There are Two Way to Become a Professional Graphic Designer.

First One is Go to University and Get A Degree of Graphic Design and Start Your Career.

And the Second Way is Learn Graphic Design Online Like From Website or YouTube Channels, or From Any Professional Graphic Designer.

Here is the Some Key Factors Which You Follow when You start learning Graphic Design.

Start Building Your Skills in High School. It never hurts to start early in any field, but it is particularly important when it comes to graphic design. …

Earn a Degree in Graphic Design. …

Complete Internships. …

Create a Compelling Portfolio. …

Stay Current. …

Return to School.

Now The Question is How Many Year’s Does It Take to Become a Graphic Designer or What Qualification do you need for Graphic Design.

If You Are Getting A Degree of Graphic Design From Any University Then This Process takes 4 Years of Your Life, This is Equal to Bachelor Degree. With Studies you Also Need Good Experience in Graphic Design Software’s Like, Illustrator, Photoshop, Or More.

Graphic Designer Jobs:

After Doing Graphic Design or Become Expert in Graphic Design Field Now You are Searching For A Job related to work Field. Here Are Two Ways Most of the Graphic Designers Do; Online Jobs And Offline Jobs.

In Online Jobs Most of the Designers do Freelancing or many Designers Work with big Companies or Brand.

In Offline You Work Physically with any Business companies, Film making Industries, or many Business Brands Hair you to work for their Business.

Some Duties OF Graphic Designers:

Meet with clients
Advise clients on strategies
Determine the message about design
Create images
Develop graphics for product illustrations, logos, and websites
Select colors, images, text style, and layout
Present the design to clients
Incorporate changes recommended by the clients into the final design
Review designs for errors before printing or publishing them

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Graphic Designer Salary:

In Graphic Design There is Massive Income but the condition is that you are a Professional, Means Your Designs Inspirit the Client, or other Peoples.

According To Salary.com The Estimated Salary of Graphic Designer is 57000$ & (27$ Per Hour).

According to PayScale.com The Average salary of Graphic Designer is 45000$ & (22$ per Hour).

After knowing the Jobs of Graphic Designer and salary Now You know Some Ways To Earn Money From Graphic Design:

How To Make Money From Graphic Design

Top 10 Ways To Earn Money From Graphic Design

I’m going to talk about ten ways you can make money with your graphic design skills.

How can designers make money other than full time jobs or freelancing.

How To Make Money From Graphic Design skills in 2020

license your designs the stock houses:

Stock houses self-photography but they also sell illustration icons templates you can sell your illustration your patterns you design your icons your layouts as templates to places like Envato who buy them and then license them to outnumber.

Make and Sell Graphic Products:

I used to work for Old Navy where we had a gigantic seven hundred million dollar year graphic t-shirt business putting graphics on products is a big business you can put graphics on just about any product and it will sell better than that product without a graphic so you can put your work on t-shirts and posters and cups you can use sites like society 6 or Zazzle or cafe press to develop products like this and then sell them.

Sell It Street Fairs

Just about every town large or small as a number of street fairs a year rent a booth set up your graphic products and sell them there I have a friend who’s a web designer makes really nice money selling art prints and graphic designs that are framed at booths at street fairs.

Video Courses:

You can make videos of what you know capture what you know about graphic design your graphic design skills and help other people learn the same thing there are all sorts of sites like Skillshare that make offering video courses and making money from them easy.

books with digital

Publishing and Printing on Demand

These days it’s easier than ever to put your Graphic design work or your illustration or your concepts in book form and sell it just set up an account on Amazon and you’ll be ready to go.

Opt-in Magnets

You’ll be developing content for your own website so you can gather email addresses as people give you that information in order to download your content but you can also sell that content you can sell ebooks you can sell top 10 lists you can sell resources lists you’d be amazed what people will pay for it it’s going to be valuable to their design practice.

Design Fonts

it’s a specialized skill but there are so many platforms for selling fonts. Fonts are a big business so by developing funds you can create a whole new revenue stream for yourself.


8 our freelancing sites like fiverr and gig bucks it’s really easy to sell your work on those sites and make some extra money.

Create Templates

You can create templates for mock-ups in Photoshop you can create templates for presentations in keynote there are a lot of people who are non creatives who really want a template to be able to create something very easily so by creating templates and then selling them it’s a really great way to make extra money with your design skills.

Teach a Course

It’s rewarding to teach other people what you know and there are all sorts of opportunities to teach whether that’s at a university or Community College even a YMCA or a local arts organization lots of art museums also offer courses so contact some of these and see if there’s an opportunity for you to develop a course and to teach others and get paid.


I hope you enjoyed this Article on How To Make Money From Graphic Design if you did Share with Your Friends and Comment Your Experience. After Reading This Article You Know the Top 10 Ways Of earning From Graphic Design Skills. Just Learn Your Skill and Earn Money in $$$.


Is Graphic Design in demand?

Yes, It’s On Demand Employment of graphic designers is projected to grow 3 percent from 2018 to 2028, slower than the average for all occupations.

Is Graphic design a good career?

Yes! Graphic Design Field can be competitive and demanding.


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