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Blogging tips for beginners in 2020

Blogging tips for beginners in 2020

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Blogging tips for beginners – What is Blogger…?

Blogging tips for Beginners - What is Blogger

Blogging tips for beginners:

If you’re a beginner and If you don’t apprehend something concerning Blogger Blogspot(Blogger.com) then you’re at the correct place.
As a beginner, your alternative and interest towards Blogger Blogspot CMS(content management system) could be a good choice.

But as a beginner, you must apprehend everything concerning Blogger Blogspot that provides you a great many options at freed from value that is quite enough for a beginner.
So please ensure to scan this whole article and share it along with your friends and relations if you’re thinking that it’s useful to them.

What is Blogger Blogspot?

Blogger journal spot could be a Blog business enterprise Service that permits multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries.

Google is that the owner of Blogger Blogspot and blogger was developed by Pyra Labs that was confiscate by Google.com within the year 2003.

Actually, the blogs in the Blogger Blogspot area unit hosted by Google without charge with a subDomain referred to as blogspot.com.

Therefore a user will use a custom domain rather than Google subdomain blogspot.com like(www.onlinewebtips.club) and might be hosted on Google itself.

Most importantly you’ll solely have up to a hundred blogs per account in Blogger Blogspot and everyone the options area unit unengaged to use however area unit restricted.

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