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Blogging tips for Beginners

How to Create Backup of your Website/blog on blogspot – Blogging tips for Beginners – MicroGFX

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How to Create Backup of your Website/blog on Blogspot – Blogging tips for Beginners – MicroGFX

Create a Backup of your Blogspot site/Blog:

If you have any site on blogger or WordPress or any CMS (Content Management System). This is very important to make a backup of your site/blog. So, You have any website/blog on blogger.com, your need to backup your site/blog and save it to your computer. Today I will tell you how to create a backup of the Blogspot website/blog and save it into your system.

Create a Backup of site is Important and why??:

Yes, it’s very important to create a backup, Because today technology is very up to date. There are many hackers in the world or many google robots. In future site getting error or any mistake or there was any problem with your site he is not working well or any problem you face or anybody hacks your site in that case backup works.

Have a backup of your site on your computer just upload and your website is ready like as before. You don’t need to develop your site again. So I think this clear how we make backup and why this is very important for us.    

Blogging tips for Beginners – How to Create Backup on Blogger Sties:

Step 1: Log in to your Blogger Dashboard.
Step 2: Click on (Settings) and Select  (Another page).
Step 3: Under the Import & back up section, click on Backup Content.
Step 4: The Backup Content popup box will appear.
Step 5: Click the Save button
Step 6; Done..! backup was downloaded on your Computer

I hope that you will learn a lot from these blogging tips for beginners.

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